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As a child, I was fortunate enough to be able to visit different parts of the world with my family, snapping photos of everything & anything I saw not knowing at the time how valuable those vacation photos I took would be to my future. I love a traditional setting, and something unique to you! I’m drawn to nature, community, and love stories that run deep! When you invite me into your story, I capture it in all it's forms!

Alongside photography, I love baking sweet treats for myself and loved ones! I could use some decorating practice but I do make a mean fruit explosion muffin - one of my favourite Tim Horton's sweets.And when I'm not baking, I love playing video games with my fiance, or going on walks down by Lakeshore.

A romance-chasing Ontario wedding photographer based in Toronto.

I'm Courtney,

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Las Vegas
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90's and early 2000's tv shows & movies! I'm a sucker for rom-com drama's and can re-watch The O.C. until I die! I also thoroughly enjoy baking competition & crime shows like Criminal Minds. OH, and I can't forget one of the greats - Seinfeld


I've always been interested in certain aspects of the beauty industry, including hair & nails! I formerly worked at a hair salon where I learned so much about hair care & styling, I love to practice on my sister whenever we get together.


First and foremost, my fiance Gus! He's been a huge supporter of me & my journey. We are so excited for our new beginning come September, 2023 when we tie the knot!



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