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Elevate your client experience & business with these resources.

For Photographers, Videographers & Creatives

Introducing the Ultimate Digital Wedding Guide

Your Comprehensive Solution for Seamlessly Planning and Capturing the Perfect Wedding Moments!

$40 CAD

Elevate your wedding photography business with my 40-page customizable guide designed exclusively for photographers like you. From crafting impeccable timelines to curating shot lists that tell unique love stories, this guide covers every aspect of wedding photography preparation.

Why Choose My Guide?

✨ Time-Saving Templates: Effortlessly customize and share professional, visually appealing guides with your clients.
✨ Comprehensive Coverage: Address every detail, from choosing the ideal getting-ready locations to navigating the intricacies of first looks vs. no first looks. This guide also educates couples on the importance of lighting and ceremony spaces.
✨ Client Confidence: Provide a valuable resource that builds trust and confidence, ensuring your clients feel at ease and excited about their big day.

And the best part? All you have to do is pop in your personal branding and images, the rest is done for you!

Ready to take your wedding photography business to new heights? Invest in the Ultimate Digital Wedding Guide and streamline your client communication, leaving you more time to focus on what you do best – capturing unforgettable moments.

Elevate, Customize, Capture – Your Perfect Wedding Photography Guide Awaits!

Elevate your Instagram game with this customizable calendar template tailored for creatives like you. Communicate your schedule, promotions, and upcoming shoots in a visually stunning and engaging way.

Instagram Story Calendar Template

I searched high and low for a full calendar year template to only find monthly templates, so I created one! 

$5 CAD

Share, Customize, Engage – Your Social Media Calendar Solution Awaits!

Why Choose This Template?

✨ Sleek and Professional Design: Impress your followers with a polished, on-brand calendar that reflects your photography style.
✨ Easy Customization: Effortlessly tailor the template to suit your unique schedule, promotions, and branding.
✨ Maximize Engagement: Capture attention and foster audience interaction by presenting your calendar in a format that stands out on Instagram Stories.

Take the guess work out of the equation for your clients! Having an easily accessible calendar for them to visually see your availability is a game changer and eliminates ghosting and back-and-forth emails. Invest in the Instagram Stories Calendar Template and effortlessly communicate your upcoming events, sessions, and exclusive offers with style.

$15 CAD

Elevate your photography brand and create a stunning, cohesive look effortlessly.

Transform your Instagram grid into a visual masterpiece with this 9-Tile Photoshop Template! With guides laid out perfectly, each image layer is a smart object meaning all you do is open up the layer, drop in your image and save. Take the guess work out of measuring each image distance and use this template to create the perfect 9-tile grid!

*Adobe Photoshop required to use template.*

Photoshop 9-Tile Template

While there's truly no way for me to stop you, please do not redistribute this template to others. Hours of work has gone into creating this template with so much information included, as one creative to another, please refer them to this purchasing page.

Not to worry! The very first page of this guide is an info sheet (to be deleted before sending to your clients!) that goes over how to upload photos, change fonts and colours, and use all the elements within Canva. With Photoshop, I recommend taking a look through my instruction PDF included with the purchase to see how smart objects work and use the template to the fullest!

Unfortunately all digital sales are final but I can guarantee, you will love it!

CANVA TEMPLATES: Once purchased, you will be sent the link to the Canva template (free Canva account required). From here, you can have full access to the guide to customize and even change us the verbiage to sound more on your brand.
PHOTOSHOP TEMPLATES: Once purchased, you will be sent a GoogleDrive link where you can access and download the PSD file to fully edit and use (Adobe Photoshop application required). 

Frequently Asked Questions

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