I serve authentic, vibrant couples and specialize in intimate and large weddings, couples and engagements, and lifestyle photography. My goal is to make you look as great as you feel.

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Established in 2017,  Courtney Marie Imaging was birthed from a spark of creativity and passion. I strive to showcase you in the most authentic way, capturing true emotions and love stories that translate far beyond the lens. I am always open to whatever creative idea you may have to help make your vision come to life.




Courtney Marie Imaging, a photographer from Toronto, Ontario.

My name is Courtney! Originally from Ottawa, Ontario, I'm a photographer working out of Toronto and extending to all four corners of the world. With a background in art & design, I picked up photography at a young age just as a hobby, evolving it into my business today through my years of studies and exploring every creative avenue. I adore traveling and capturing love stories in all sorts of settings!

I was born with a camera in my hand. JK, but really.

About Me

As cheesy as it is to say, photography really does capture a moment and freeze it in time. I love capturing those one of a kind moments, the one's we don't even notice happening; the one's that are gone in a second; the ones that we look back on for comfort. With minimal posing to help loosen you up, I really focus on your connection and letting that translate through the lens.

I LOVE capturing those one of a kind moments.